The Great USA Artists In Modern Time

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usa-modern-artWhen you speak of art, you usually think of paintings and sculptures that are usually seen inside museums and galleries. But the truth of the matter is art transcends more than these conventional mediums and today some bold minds are brave enough to express themselves in a modern way. Here are the top 8 great American artist of the modern age:

1. Andrew Bell – This artist is born in Brooklyn, New York and he boasts his modern artistic method of making cartoon characters that are not hard to like. Most of his artworks include the taking of everyday common items and adding them with his special twist like the banana creature entitled “You weren’t always like this”. Nowadays, he owns an art shop called the Dead Zebra Inc.  where he sells his artworks, clothes, books, toys, and other novelty items.

2. Alex Pardee – He is a freelance artist born out of Antioch, California. He has a wonderfully unique style that is eerie to look at but the more it gets beautiful the longer you stare at it. Alex is also known to write books and design clothes. His love for drawings is his therapy for battling anxiety and depression.

3. Brian Dettmer – Born in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, Brian is a well known creative book artist of this time. He went to college in the state of Chicago and during these times, he concentrated more on doing paintings. He then moved to other mediums in creating sculpture-like readable versions of books. He bends, cut, fold, and even stack the books to make it appear uniquely different and raise your reading experience in a whole new level. Aside from making awe-inspiring book creations, he also creates interactive collages which inspire you to look even more.

4. Cliff Maynard – He is one of the few modern artists who started his career making tattoos in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He studied mosaic art in his school days and now he recycles roach paper and turned it into a beautiful mosaic masterpiece. Aside from that, he also created artworks from rolling papers and paints it with portraits of famous celebrities.

5. Craig Tracy – He is now a renowned body painter who is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He paints the body of volunteered persons and turns this biological beauty into an exquisite canvass that is full of artistic images. His art is masterfully created that it will make you think that you’re not looking at a body of a live person.

6. Cycle – He is a graffiti and street artist who concentrates on making most of his artworks in New York. He is one of the few graffiti artists who was able to earn a Master’s Degree. His other hobbies aside from doing graffiti are skateboarding, fine arts, and graphic arts.

7. Dave Kinsey – Dave is also a graffiti artist from the state of California. He is known to make indoor murals out of his favorite colors and his style is definitely unmatched.

8. UrbanMedium – Also known as Derek Fridman, he is a propaganda street artist who creates graffiti arts with hidden messages to wake up the minds of the ordinary people.

Bridal-PhotographySomehow, wedding ceremony is not an easy thing to cope with the “couple to be” as well as the families of each party, too. It’s a clamorous event and that many things are needed to prepare such as the wedding invitations, receptions, bridal dress, and many others. Mostly, brides adopt the white wedding in which she wears a white dress and veil. It became popular during the wedding of Queen Victoria as white symbolizes sexual purity and chastity of the bride. On the one hand, you don’t have to spend too much on white designer bridal dress as you can easily wear a simple wedding dress without the need to splurge and looking great at the same time. Remember that not all expensive gowns add glam; it depends on how you carry it and do know that simplicity of everything makes you beautiful and fabulous. How about the wedding dress with sleeves? It also makes you formal and elegant too especially when it is in long sleeves, seems like you are the queen walking in the red aisle.

Another indispensable factor on wedding preparation is the photographer. He captures moments and souvenirs of your momentous event. Obviously, bridal photography needs to be polished and great too because this is one of the many aspects that couples can use to reminisce their wedding day. Here are some tips to get that perfect bridal photography.

  • In the first place, taking pictures to the bride and groom must also have ideas coming from the couple, the backgrounds and the theme of the picture. Before you will ask some ideas from them, try first to visit beautiful spots and had a capture on it. Then, show these captures to the couple and let them select which one they liked most as their backgrounds.
  • In bridal photography, preparation is the key. Don’t forget to shoot the materials in the wedding before the ceremony starts. Wedding rings, dress, shoes and even the flowers, table settings and etc. – these are all important to be part of the wedding albums. You must also have an extra camera in case of technical woes during the event.
  • It’s all in the right timing. Important moments must never be missed. Walking in the aisle, vows and kisses, and other similar activities must have best captures.
  • In a wedding, the families of each side may also bring their own camera to take photos, which might create a hard time for the photographer to take a good shot of the couple. To minimize such issues, couples-to-be should inform their relatives beforehand as to when and where picture taking should be done during the ceremony.
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