About Us

November 17th, 2012 /

Since 2003, n2clay.com has been sharing a particular passion and love for different forms of art from different places in the world through this online art gallery. Joseph McGregory, the founder of this website, developed his love for arts when he began travelling in different parts of the world such as Haiti, Latin America, Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. His perspective in life significantly broadened as he unearthed the art forms of these geographical locations.

His travels led him to venture further into the world of arts. He then became an art scholar, as he studied fine arts in Stanford University. He became more and more acquainted with the field of art and fell in love much deeper with it. He established this website to share his passion for the arts and reach out to people through the New Media platform.

N2clay specializes in international folk arts. These kinds of arts are comprised of the so-called outsider, self-taught, naive, primitive, visionary, art brut, and intuitive sorts of arts. This website mainly features the art forms in Brazil, Guatemala, Venezuela, Russia, Poland, Guatemala, India, Africa, Central America, United States, Caribbean Islands, Southeast Asia, China, and a whole lot more.

From our original office located in New Jersey in the United States of America, we have relocated and even expanded to four locations chiefly in Santa Fe, Florida, St. Louis, and Las Vegas. We also opened branches in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia.

We are willing to con duct consultations and evaluation about the artists whom we feature in any of our galleries as well as in this website. We also welcome clients who wish to have consultation and evaluation sessions regarding other flourishing artists or other known names in this field that we have previously represented in our galleries.

We charge an affordable price of $80 for official, formal, and hard copy write ups on our appraisal and evaluation. Payments are accepted through credit cards or via Paypal. Refer to our contact us page in order for you to reach us.